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Every day is another opportunity to work towards your dreams and goals. Often we have the misguided impression that external things are stopping us from getting where we want to. But in reality the greatest hindrance is still us. Our fears, anxieties, self-doubt or negative thoughts stop us from tapping into our full potential and stepping out of our comfort zone. We sometimes get consumed by what others might think about us to the extent that we convince ourselves that the safest place is as "part of the masses" or "under the radar".


I, therefore, challenge you to ask yourself this question:

"Would I rather look back at my life and say 'I have done it all and achieved it all' or 'I played it safe like everybody else'?"

My latest blog posts

Being fortunate to be unfortunate

Picture of trees around a pond
"That is unfortunate." is something we must have heard on several occasions throughout our lives. Words that should express that we wish things would have turned out another way, but they did not. What if that wasn't unfortunate but the greatest thing ever? We tend to consider things being unfortunate when we envisioned them a certain way, but then they turned out another. Does that mean just because you never thought about that alternative scenario, that it is terrible?

When you don't have anything good to say

"Blog Post: Being positive to save your life"
“If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.” Many of us are familiar with this saying and interpret it in different ways. Some consider it a poisonous practice of internalizing negative things to avoid conflict instead of facing problems directly. Others consider it a way of diplomacy and focusing on the positive rather than just pointing out the negative. 

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Living your best life

"She's living her best life!", that was the caption I read on Instagram underneath a picture that was posted of Angela Bassett. It was basically about how amazing she looked for her age and her sense of fashion and style, but this got me thinking about something else. There was something that caught my attention about "living your best life". Not really about living your best life on the outside but within yourself.  Read more...

Waiting for that "Ha!- moment

At some point in life we all encounter that one person that pushes our buttons. A particular person that seems to be constantly teasing or even mocking us. That person that makes us feel scrutinized or even judged at all times. That unwanted adversary that appears to be in constant competition with us. Someone you want to - just have to prove yourself to. Read more...