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I'm passionate about words, especially the word of God! 

I grew up in a culturally diverse environment - my parents are of Nigerian descent and I was born and raised in Vienna. Growing up I listened to Nigerian folktales and read fairy tales about princesses and white knights. Soon I began to appreciate the beauty and impact of words. From an early age, I expressed my love for words through short stories and poems but when adulthood came along I had to put down my writer's pen to pursue a career in Marketing. It was during a challenging time in my life, I rediscovered my passion and decided to continue on the writer's journey. The exchange I had with different people over the years, and my personal experiences, motivated me to create content that didn't merely entertain but could make a positive contribution to society.

There are so many ways to achieve your goals and dreams, yet many people allow their circumstances to hinder them from embracing new opportunities. Therefore, I aim to touch, impact and change peoples' lives in a positive way. The focus of my work is to help you on your journey to the best version of yourself equipped with a positive mindset and the right affirmations.


I want to encourage you to redefine the way you think about yourself, situations, and the people around you. It's time you start living your best life!


Hear the story behind "The Real Chii"

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