This blog was launched in September 2017 as a community for positive and inspirational exchange. It is geared towards providing practical and hands-on tips on self-development and mind-positivism. In simple terms: "How to do better better by thinking better!" That is also what the name C. H. I. I. (a Creative Heart Inspires and Impacts) represents.


If you want to be inspired and need an extra push of motivation, then you have come to the right place. The blog posts you will find here are to encourage, inspire and motivate. Haters not welcome! 

The content you will find here does not stem from a PhD in Psychology or Neuroscience but is based on personal experiences and things that have successfully worked for me and others. Honest, down-to-earth and unfiltered. I keep it real!


Anybody reading this blog is not just a visitor but is part of my journey and I would love to become part of yours.


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