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A clear vision

We all understand the importance of having a goal and working towards something you want to achieve. However, what often seems to be forgotten is that it is equally important to be specific with the things we want. 

Take yourself for example, if someone would ask you what you want to achieve in 10 years, what would your answer be? To be rich, to be successful, to have found the cure for a disease? These goals are all good and logical but they are not specific. Picture this, somebody would come to you and say: "You have the once in a lifetime opportunity to become richer without any strings attached." Would you take the person up to their offer? Of course, who wouldn't? Now, what if this person would then hand you a 10 dollar note and say they had fulfilled their part and their job was done. Wouldn't you feel cheated? Naturally, you would feel that way, even though in reality you received what you asked for and that was to become richer - in this case, 10 dollars richer. 

The above should illustrate the importance of being specific with the things you want. And that does not exclusively apply to money but could also be applied to personal relationships. How often do we want the other person "to change",  but when asked specifically in what way we often struggle to find the right words. The issue with being vague is that the things you desire will also remain vague in your mind, which will make it hard to work towards attaining those things you desire. If you have a clear goal and vision you will be able to picture these things and outline the steps necessary to achieve them. If you are exact about what you want, you will also be exact on how to get there.

"The Lord answered me: “Write down the vision; write it clearly on clay tablets so whoever reads it can run to tell others. It is not yet time for the message to come true, but that time is coming soon; the message will come true. It may seem like a long time, but be patient and wait for it, because it will surely come; it will not be delayed." Habakkuk 2:2‭-‬3 NCV 

They say "planning is everything", so just imagine planning for something you're not even certain about. That is kind of like packing for a trip without knowing the destination. Of course, you could manage to put all the basic things inside your traveling bag but you would probably still carry along some unnecessary things, at the same time forget some essentials. Why? Because the destination was unclear and you couldn't prepare accordingly.  In essence, this means that having a goal that is not specific will also lead to an unspecific outcome. Therefore, prepare yourself and make your goals and dreams concrete. You never know when you'll meet that person that could help you get closer to achieving your goal - then you should, by all means, have your elevator pitch ready!

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