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An Attitude of Gratitude

There's something profound about giving thanks. It's like an outpouring, a celebration of goodness, a restoration of peace. It's the most beautiful way of expressing the acknowledgment and appreciation for someone or something. Some people give thanks daily, some only on special occasions, sadly others don't even know what to be thankful for.

I love giving thanks. I don't struggle with it. It's never shallow or superficial - it always comes straight from the heart. It doesn't require a special occasion for me to say "thank you" but sometimes there are situations that do require a very special thank you that is more reflective and meaningful than other times and today is a day like this - my Birthday!

Birthdays are wonderful, in fact, any celebration is, but birthdays remind me that I am still here, that I'm alive to see another day, another month and another year. It's a beautiful celebration of life and knowing that God placed me here for a purpose and reason. It's my special occasion to simply say "Thank you, Jesus!". To give thanks for all the blessings in my life, for the goodness, for the lessons learned, for the progress made, for the wonderful people encountered and for the unwavering peace of mind that my future is certain and I truly do not have to be anxious for anything. I thank my Creator and Father who knew me even before I was born and has been ordering my steps from the day I entered this world. He has guided and protected me, been my Counselor, Helper, and Standby. He has opened numerous doors and shut the ones that had harm lurking on the other side. He has loved me throughout and has been increasing my life constantly. Every time I thank Him for His blessings, He adds more! I will never stop rejoicing and thanking Him for His goodness. I'm grateful for this time and opportunity to acknowledge that no matter how far I've come, by His grace there is still more ahead and the journey continues.

"Give thanks to the Lord , for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalms 107:1 NIV

"God is good!" and that's not because we are but because He is. His unconditional love teaches us that while we may sometimes forget, it's not only about us. Some people take occasions like birthdays as a celebration of self when it is actually a celebration of life which includes the people around you. If you look at what makes a birthday celebration truly special, it's the people who celebrate with you. 

Therefore, to all those special people who have impacted my life, taught me a lesson or two, walked with me, laughed and cried with me, encouraged me, supported me and most importantly loved me - I love and appreciate you! This birthday is a little more special because of you.

For anybody celebrating their birthday wondering what there is to celebrate - look to God and He will show you. I wish that henceforth you'll embrace every celebration with that heart and attitude of gratitude!

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