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An ode to my first love: words.

I love words, no doubt! I believe there is something magical about arranging words in a way that they form a sentence. Creating sentences that can trigger emotions from joy to sadness. Words can instantly impact and change the way you think, the way you perceive life. Words carry so much power that they could be the deciding factor if something succeeds or fails. Words are the essence of life. God created the world with words and has kept it moving with it. 

Books were my constant companion growing up. The fascination of feeling like you were part of the story when merely staring at printed black letters on white pages. How was it possible for the mind to create and imagine places, scenes, and people by simply looking at words and putting them together in sentences, paragraphs and chapters? Could I also create scenarios in people's minds? Take them to places they had never been to? I did write my fair share of short stories in high school and some of those I would say were even really good but soon "reality" caught up with me. How could writing earn me a living and furthermore the May Angelou's, Chimamanda Adichie's, Paul Coehlo's and Gustave Flaubert's of this world had already created so much art in writing - was there even space for more? 

So, I left that chapter behind me for a long time. Then many years later, I had a change of heart. I wanted to share the things I had learned and experienced with the people around me, the ones I knew and the ones I didn't - basically with the world. I wanted to positively impact and help others with my words. I had been nourished, inspired and uplifted by words so I felt the need to give back some of that positivity. This is how I went back to my first love: writing. 

Well, I can testify that the life of a writer certainly is special. It comes with so many complex layers and cannot really be quantified. For me it isn't really the cliche of waking up in the afternoon, getting a cup of coffee, lighting a cigarette, gazing out of the window for inspiration and then sitting down in front of an old typewriter to create something genius and ground-breaking. It is more of a "how to find time" between a full-time job, being a wife, daughter, aunt, and friend. And that is the beauty of it all: Words cannot be boxed or caged. They don't have a specific pattern. Also, what really defines a writer? The ability to write prose? The use of many difficult words, mastering the art of descriptiveness and creating a fresco with words through long-winded sentences? Possibly. 

If I think about the books I call my all-time favorites, there was always a common thread: the heart and passion that filled those pages. No dictionary word could make up for a story that went beyond the surface and moved me in ways that can hardly be to put into words.

When it comes to my own writing, I do sometimes stop to wonder who even reads the things I write about. Are the words that I pen down what the world has been waiting for? Do they really impact or do they just vaporize into thin air after being set free to share with the world? Do they truly inspire or move anybody at all? And then I come to the conclusion, that yes most definitely! Do you know why? Because those words stem from a special source of inspiration. The words are real, raw and unpretentious. It is about sharing what is bubbling within me with the hope that it will inspire someone, help someone to see the good and positive side of a dire situation or even restore hope when it seems as though all has been lost. Therefore, even if only one person is inspired and motivated to positively change something in their life after reading one of my blog posts, a sentence in one of my books or a simple note I wrote to someone, then my mission has been accomplished. 

With that said, thank you for joining me on this journey of positivity and inspiration. The road I have embarked on is special and I have promised myself that I will write as long as the inspiration comes. I won't force it, nor get weary, instead, in gratitude bathe in the blessing of it. 

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