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Being fortunate to be unfortunate

"That is unfortunate." is something we must have heard on several occasions throughout our lives. Words that should express that we wish things would have turned out another way, but they did not. What if that wasn't unfortunate but the greatest thing ever? We tend to consider things being unfortunate when we envisioned them a certain way, but then they turned out another. Does that mean just because you never thought about that alternative scenario, that it is terrible? 

Sometimes the things that turn out completely different are those nudges and pushes we need to take us "outside the box" and out of the rigid thought processes we have laid out for ourselves. An opportunity to be more flexible and open to the what if's that never even came to mind before. You will never have the ability to think of all the possible alternative scenarios, and that is no tragedy at all. We try so hard to be in control all the time when that is something we could never achieve anyway. Please raise your hand if you have figured out how to control the weather or other people's thoughts and reactions. Impossible, right? Then why not try considering deviations from your initial course as fortunate new opportunities, rather than unfortunate occurrences. "Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3 NLT

Next time you encounter an "unfortunate" situation, rejoice because you have another opportunity to turn things around for your good.

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