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Being positive to save your life

Positive people are often smiled upon. We all know them: the chipper happy colleague at work who has never had a bad day in her life; the over-enthusiastic shop assistant who seems to be everywhere you turn, to ask if you "need a hand" or the Mailman who delivers his letters and packages with a smile on his face, a swing in his step and a song on his lips. Silly, isn't it? The people described above are often considered naive, weak or sometimes even people who have lost touch with reality. Negativity has now become the new normal. Those who see the negative in every situation are now the realists. But who said that you have to point out the negative? In every situation, there are two options: pointing out the negative or recognizing the positive. "Well, what is so bad if I focus on the negative?", you might say.

Negativity comes with so much extra-baggage that it will hinder you from seeing the lesson in challenging situations. One negative thought begets another and before you know it, your mind is cluttered with so much negativity that it will take extra effort to allow positive thoughts back inside. Let's be honest, who has ever achieved anything by being negative? If you interview successful people you will see the common thread that they didn't allow things to way them down or stop them from continuously working on their dreams. Even when negative words came their way, they shoved them aside and kept going. In a nutshell, being positive is not just a cover-up to pretend that everything is good. The fact is that seeing the positive in every situation doesn't make you foolish, on the contrary, it demonstrates your strength.

It doesn't take much to utter words that tear down but it takes true inner strength to remain positive and optimistic even in the toughest situations. Imagine that word of encouragement that could hinder somebody from making an irreversible negative decision that could impact them for a lifetime. Therefore, being positive will not only save your life but will fill you up with all the right things to live life the way you ought to: full of joy, with a positive attitude and equipped with the right tools to live a successful life. Nobody said you will be able to control the things thrown at you or that everything will always be easy but it is up to you to make the best out of it.

Let your positive attitude save a life today!

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