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Blessed to create

...or created to bless! I believe both work hand in hand. People often overlook that we were called to create, to be productive and give our contribution to this world. Some consider their profession or job their calling, and that may be so, but I always talk about impacting people's lives because the "me"-zone is a very lonely and empty place. In fact, if everything only revolves around you, it will soon feel as if that space is not even big enough to contain you. There is more to life - more that goes beyond just going about your business. When you step out to not only satisfy your needs but look beyond your immediate environment, you will realize that there is something bigger and better. 

Some might say that they've not been called for missionary or charity work, or that they wouldn't know where to start, that's why they'd rather not do anything at all. But did you know that you could do what you love without the intention of helping others, and it could still positively impact other people? It's not always the obvious things that make a significant impact, sometimes it's the small gestures that go a long way. Your "now" may seem super-comforting and safe but for how long? It may seem that everything around is perfect and "under control" right now but you have no idea how long that safety net will hold your weight. Would you rather rely on how things seem to be at the moment or plan for tomorrow?

God, our creator, is precisely that - a creator. Thus, he has called us to do the same. To create, be creative, productive and to bless others through our actions. "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16 NKJV You can use the work of your hands to change and positively impact the things around you. You've been made a creator, so it's up to you if you create something beautiful that will uplift others or you could decide to create nothing at all or something that will only benefit you. You might think that the job you have at the moment is insignificant, but it's in your hands to give it a meaning and make it count. We don't know when our time on this present earth ends, so don't stall and wait for the circumstances to be "perfect" before you start doing what you were born to do. Start blessing others with what you've created today!

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