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Choosing happiness

Mothers are the epitome of love and sacrifice and even more so the vessels of wisdom. They are the backbone of their homes and true symbols of strength. They are precious, priceless and would require uncountable poems and songs dedicated to them, to even come close to capturing how special they are. And my mother is not any different. She put my sister and myself before her own needs and did everything to make sure we did not only receive a good education and home training but that we grew up in a happy home filled with love. And that is the keyword: "happiness!". As a child, it was hard for me to fully understand just how much my parents actually gave without wanting anything in return. As I am maturing, I understand better, and as the years pass I love and respect my mother even more for all her efforts.

It was one of those afternoons my mother and I sat together to have a chat and catch up on some of the things that had happened since we last met. Then right in the middle of our conversation, my mother said something that I had been aware of but when she uttered the words again, they all of a sudden had a deeper meaning. She was telling me about how people had been complimenting her more lately. That she was looking younger and refreshed. And when asked what her secret was, she would answer: "I have decided to make myself happy, that's all." Simple words that meant much more than what they seemed on the surface. Of course, we all know that we are responsible for our own happiness - at least in theory. But how many of us really make that conscious decision? Many people look for happiness in places or things, instead of going to the source.

The Bible says: "Seek your happiness in the LORD, and he will give you your heart's desire." Psalms 37:4 GNB People that meet my mother usually say three things about her: 1. That she looks much younger than her age. 2. That she has a warm and welcoming aura. 3. That she seems to be happy all the time. Sounds like someone who has unlocked the key to happiness and doesn't have a single worry in the world, right? Well, my mother also had her fair share of heartaches and sorrow but when you look at her you would think she never experienced a moment of sadness in her life. How admirable! One thing she taught us while growing up, was that we should never allow our experiences define us and that there was always hope and a way forward. 

Life is really about how you look at it. It is your choice if you allow the challenging moments of this life to steal your joy or let happiness take over and be the dominating theme of your story. You can't run from trials and tribulations, they will come no matter what, but you can take control of your attitude and reaction when you pass through them. You only have one life, so take my mother as an example of those who still remain standing upright, with a smile on their lips, happiness in their heart and unwavering faith in a better tomorrow.

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