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Getting it together

"Get it together!" is an expression that refers to getting your life or specific area of it in order, according to the Urban dictionary. When we label someone as "he or she got it together", we point out something outwardly that makes it seem as though the person has things in order in regards to a particular aspect of their life. That could be in their physical appearance, the way they dress or their styling. Somebody who's well put together basically means someone who looks nice. Someone's career could also be an indicator that they have the right things going for them and that their life is on track. Same with relationships. A couple that seems to be happy and have good communication would be considered as "having it together." But what happens if you bump into that particular person on a day they are not in their best outfit, what if that other person just lost their job or you catch the "together couple" fighting? Does that mean all those people never really had it together and their lives are falling apart? No, it means that working on yourself is a constant process in every area of your life.

Having or getting it together doesn't mean you lacked something in the first place. Instead, I consider it the consciousness of knowing that you still need to keep making an effort. And that especially when it comes to relationships. Someone once said: "marriage is like going to university without ever graduating." And that is so true, you keep learning and growing without ever saying it is finished. That's the beauty of it - constant growth if you allow it. And that is not just in marriage but life itself. You move forward and keep getting better. The goal is not "to be done" but "to be better." Think about it this way, if you had it all figured out what is left to strive for?

So, as you keep working on "getting it together" remember this: "Happy are those who remain faithful under trials because when they succeed in passing such a test, they will receive as their reward the life which God has promised to those who love him." James 1:12 GNB

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