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Let's be honest!

When someone starts a sentence with "Let's be honest,.." what kind of words tend to follow? Something positive or uplifting? Inspiring and motivating? Not quite. "Let's be honest"-sentences usually end with something negative. But let's really be honest, why must it be so? Why do we tend to "be honest" about the negative things but when it comes to things that are praiseworthy, we often let them fall by the side or mutter them under our breath. It's more of a "by the way" than a "let's be honest; I need your full attention"- conversation and that is the exact opposite of how it should be. Just think about the "let's be honest"-conversations you had in the past and if any of those were to share some good news, to praise, uplift or motivate. If so, wouldn't you positively look forward to having more "honest and frank" conversations?

Now, let's be honest about you and where you are in life at the moment. Haven't achieved what you want career-wise, not living the life you want, or your relationship is not what you envisioned for yourself? Perfect! Then it can only get better from here. Wondering how you can achieve those things you haven't accomplished yet? By changing your "let's be honest"-speech of listing all the things that are wrong and negative to the motivational boost of all the things that are all so right about you! Often people only look at the "now", forgetting that "now" is nothing but a fleeting moment. There is something called "potential" and that means, even though at the moment things may not be the way you'd like them to be, you can use your words to shape your future the way you want it to be. As long as you are here and have faith that tomorrow will come, you have the opportunity to prepare yourself for that future you envision for yourself. You have the power and ability to speak all the great things others might not see yet, into existence, while you are working towards achieving them.

Some smile upon this practice of speaking positive words to yourself and your circumstances, and consider it an exercise for the naive or delusional, but Isaiah 55:11 (NCV) says: "The same thing is true of the words I speak. They will not return to me empty. They make the things happen that I want to happen, and they succeed in doing what I send them to do." So, would you rather rely on the unknown, luck or circumstance or take charge of your future? What's the best thing that can happen when you speak blessings and positivity into your life? That you get better! Let's be honest, you got this, so declare it!

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