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Never overlook the milestones...

...even the small ones. Last week, there it was an email reminder from my website provider. It was time to renew my yearly subscription. Almost surreal, it had indeed been a year since I embarked on this blogging journey. Time had gone by so quickly, and for a moment I looked at the email and wondered if it was time just to let go and move on to other things. After all, had I accomplished what I set out on a year ago? Was I making progress? Was I inspiring anybody? And the answer was an absolute "Yes!" and a soaring "No!" to quitting. It had been a fantastic experience writing down my thoughts and experiences. As much as it has been humbling, it has been a magnificent blessing overall. I have come so far and am way ahead from where I was a year ago. In other words, I have reached a milestone on my journey.

And those are the milestones that we tend to overlook. Who said accomplishing something always has to come with a loud bang, fireworks or a colorful celebration? You should be your most important celebrant. If you can't celebrate your victories, nobody else will. You define what a major success or milestone is, not what other people consider to be significant. A baby taking its first steps could be the most amazing milestone for the child's parents, while for another person it could be landing that dream job, running their first marathon or passing an exam. Don't allow anyone to talk down your victories. Every progress is significant. 

"but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory [as conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 CORINTHIANS 15:57 AMP Your milestones are precious and essential and should always be celebrated because you don't know when your next victory will come. On that note, Happy Birthday to TheRealChii and to another inspirational milestone!

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