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Nothing Can Steal My Joy

"Smile and don't let anybody see you're hurting inside." How many times have you been in that situation? You put on a smile and engage in polite conversation when in reality, all you want to do is break down inside. Is that unhealthy, inauthentic or pretentious? Well, I believe there is a huge difference between pretending and not allowing the things that cause you pain to weigh you down. 

We all pass through the fire sometimes - things that make us sad, angry or feel disappointed. When those times come, we always have the same options: let those things break us or make us stronger!

Over the years I've learned that happiness is something that we shouldn't take for granted and have to consciously choose every single day. Just because you're having a tough time at the moment doesn't mean that it should automatically make you the victim of that situation. You can choose to get up every day and be grateful that you're still here and have faith that your circumstances will change for the better. Nobody said you couldn't rejoice and be at peace even in the midst of the storm. "Seek your happiness in the LORD , and he will give you your heart's desire.  Give yourself to the LORD ; trust in him, and he will help you; he will make your righteousness shine like the noonday sun." Psalms 37:4‭-‬6 GNB

If you're reading this and passing through the storm right now, be encouraged that change is on the horizon. Put on your best clothes, best shoes and best smile - be positive and have the mentality that things will be better because they already are! Be grateful for today and this moment, and don't worry what tomorrow will bring. Nothing should steal your joy, because even in the absence of material things - your joy and happiness is something that nobody can take away.

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