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Remember to breathe

Breathing seems like one of the most trivial and basic things in life. Not something you need to learn or be conscious of but simply do. But like so many things, breathing is also something we need to learn or re-learn because we don't realize how often we "hold our breaths" in moments we should be breathing. For example, think about the last moment you lashed out in anger - don't you think your reaction would have been different if you would have taken a moment to breathe before responding to what had caused this negative emotion? The same applies to our thoughts. Hundreds of thoughts and ideas flash through our minds from different sources every day, something we read, a memory of something that was said or a resurfaced feeling to something we experienced in the past. That means our thoughts occupy a significant part of our existence. Therefore it is essential to distinguish the thoughts that enrich and the ones that tear down. That is where breathing comes in again - another opportunity to take a breather. Particularly for those thoughts that trigger unpleasant emotions and remind us of something negative, we have to make the conscious decision to breathe, instead of letting those thoughts navigate our feelings and cloud our minds.

Taking a breather could also be synonymous for taking a break. Most people consider taking a break as going on vacation, but you can go on vacation without moving an inch from where you are. You can unplug, unwind and free yourself from all the unnecessary distractions by consciously making that decision. That could even be more relaxing than any holiday on the beach. As much as we consider breathing to be a purely physical activity it has more to do with our mind than we think. For example, have you ever participated in a workout class and heard the instructor say: "and don't forget to breathe!" How could anybody forget how to breathe? Well, some people could be so focused on the particular exercise and possibly even pain associated with it, that they would hold their breath over a prolonged period without even noticing. That example illustrates how we sometimes fixate on a particular thing that we overlook and forget about the basics.

When the busy, challenging and joyful moments of life come at us, we might forget to breathe once in a while. But as much as we try our best to focus on building ourselves, we shouldn't forget about the basics. If you take the illustration from earlier, for example, the person holding their breath for too long would eventually faint or even worse, and that would defeat the purpose of initially doing the workout. The same applies to your life. If you forget about the basics and keep adding new things, then you'll eventually lose the foundation you were building on initially. "The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life [which inspires me]." JOB 33:4 AMP Remember to breathe and regroup. Fresh ideas and inspiration usually come in those quiet moments of consciously breathing in and out.

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