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Resisting the urge to quit

"I'm sick and tired of this and just want to quit!" We have all been there. That moment everything seems too overwhelming to keep going. The moment where running away and leaving everything behind seems to be the best, in fact the only logical option. Then why hang on? What good is it to continue? Don't we all talk about evolving and progressing? Thus, quitting could be the way of doing just that. Walking away has become a constant companion of our existence. It is often not even considered giving up but "exploring new options" or "seeing what is out there". However, if we are honest to ourselves this is often an excuse for not facing our challenges but looking for an easy way out instead. We are usually too impatient to wait for the desired change. Everything should happen now. At that instant. But have you ever tried to get rid of a persistent habit or try to adopt a new one? How long did it take for that change to take effect? Was it immediate? Probably not. Thus, it is difficult to change but when it is external we find it hard to see it from the other perspective. After all, why make things hard for ourselves when there is an easier and more comfortable way? 

You will have to decide if now is truly the best time for change. Search your heart first and ask yourself why you want to move on. Is it because you already moved on to something better or because you do not have the strength to keep going? It might seem ridiculous to hear people narrating stories of how they endured and continued on their journey, even in the most horrifying situations. I mean, who would voluntarily endure suffering? If you take a closer look, though, you will discover the heroism in them. A certain kind of peace and calmness that surrounds them. Do you think anything could really knock these people down again? Unlikely. They are conquerors, survivors and victors. And the reality is, if you never really had to fight for anything or live through a challenging situation, you won't know the liberating feeling of overcoming and still standing strong in the end. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" This might seem harsh to many, but it is the truth. Maybe not pretty or nice but simply the fact. Anyone can crumble under pressure - the question is who can keep it together? Society has covered us with the soft cushion of deception that makes us believe quitting is totally alright and acceptable. When your relationship or marriage gets complicated, you move on to see what else is out there. When your manager at work challenges you, you look for professional opportunities elsewhere. When your friends do not entertain as they used to, you simply replace them with new ones. When one subject is more difficult and requires more effort to pass, you just look for a new course to study. Makes sense, right? Quitting is easy and a normal way of life, without complications or strings attached. But think again.

Do you realize that you are also the product of someone not giving up on you? We all encounter people in our lives that have given us second chances, but the greatest of them all is the one God gave us. "17 God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him." John 3:17.

So, before you throw in the towel, pause and have a rethink. The benefits of not giving up too quickly could be immense. Don't miss out on the greater lesson that might be waiting on the other side.

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