• Chii

Running faster than life

There are moments where it feels like you're running and running but life still seems to outrun you. You run and think you're finally making progress, maybe even running in step with life and then you tell yourself: "Puh, let me just take a minute to breathe. Enjoy a moment of rest," and boom you seem miles behind once again. 

At this point, everyone thinking that they are so in tune with life right now and everything is right on track should take a moment and think again. While outwardly it may seem so, a lot is going on that may not be visible to you. Similar to a play in the theater. On stage, all the actors seem to flawlessly act their parts and remember their lines. The curtain and lights go up and down at the right times -  everything is perfectly orchestrated. Complete harmony and order. But when you look behind the scenes, you'll be surprised to see people running up and down behind the stage. Some things being arranged and finalized at the last minute, quick costume changes and adjustments - a far cry from the perfect order you just saw on stage.

Life is similar. It doesn't mean that life is chaotic. On the contrary, God's creation is in perfect order. What is not, are the people who live in it. We have made what was intended to be perfect and blameless, to be imperfect and stained. And we encounter that even in our daily lives. I, for example, I am on fire for this blog and sharing positivity with the world but then life outran me. Events after events caused me to be quiet for months. And the dangerous thing about dropping something and taking too much time to pick it up again is that sometimes we completely forget about that thing, we procrastinate - the typical "I'll do it later, tomorrow, next week or next month" and sometimes we even become afraid and wonder if we remember how to pick that thing up again. This fear sets in  of being judged for dropping that idea, venture or plan in the first place, so it is safer to just leave it there. Maybe nobody will even remember you ever were doing something in that line at all. But that's not God's intention for us - He encourages us to come back even when we mess up or drop the ball.

"If you return to the Almighty you will be built up; if you remove injustice far from your tents," Job 22:23 ESV

In other words, run your race at your own pace. Don't care about what others may think or say about the way you are living your life - at the end of the day, they are also running their race. Take the hurdles, twists, and turns as they come and never lose focus. If you need a timeout, a moment to breathe, some time to refuel your energy, time to pick up from where you trailed off, do that and then get back on your course. This world has created this illusion that we are constantly in competition with each other when in reality you cannot compete with somebody who has a completely different goal and purpose in life. Everybody has their race to run, so don't waste your time looking around trying to see how far other people have progressed but keep your eyes on what matters and that is the course God has outlined for you.