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Something uplifting

As ironic as it may seem, I sometimes also need encouraging words and yearn to read something that will lift my spirits - Something uplifting. It could be a song, the words in a book or article, spoken words or just a thought. Moments like these can seem daunting and may take some people to dark places but there is actually an opportunity there. Those moments you may feel down are as real as it gets, they unmask the things that you might have used to cover your true feelings and will cause you to uproot some possibly uncomfortable things. That is positive because it is also a chance for new ideas and inspiration. Some of the greatest inventions and ideas were born out of desperate situations or under great pressure.

Still, many people are scared of those moments because the media portrays that smiling equals happiness, which means that only the moments you feel like smiling are truly joyous times. But who said that a moment of sober reflection is not also a true moment of happiness at its core? After all, true happiness is not that fleeting moment of smiling into a camera, it is a permanent inner state that is not defined but outward circumstances. 

Those moments you might be feeling "down" and long for something positive or inspirational should not scare but encourage you because in those moments you can be real without any distractions. A time of vulnerability that will allow you to be more receptive to the right things - something truly uplifting! In this sense, those moments are actually not negative, but something positive if you allow them to be. Hence, "feeling down" could be substituted with the expression "recharging your inspiration batteries". Now, why these moments are so delicate is because we have to be aware that the enemy is not asleep. As much as you should use these moments for good, the enemy will try to use them against you by filling your mind with the wrong thoughts. Thoughts that may take you to a place of negativity, a place you ought not to be. Therefore, you need to shield yourself appropriately and know the right sources for inspiration and upliftment, no matter how downcast you might feel. "You are my hiding place— You will protect me from distress. You surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah" Psalms 32:7 TLV

Hence, next time you feel down and need something uplifting, rejoice because you have just been given an opportunity to change things for the better. In those moments don't let negativity and the wrong thoughts take over but allow God's word to point you in the right direction.

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