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The opinions that matter

One of the hardest things to unlearn in adulthood is probably wondering what people might think about us. But why do we even care about what other people think? Maybe because we look for affirmation in regards to the things we might think of ourselves. Another reason could be because we are unsure of what we think about ourselves and seek reassurance from our surroundings. Also it might make life just a little easier and give us an excuse not to focus on us and our current situation. How comforting to sit around thinking about other people and their opinions instead of getting real with yourself. Not having to dig into the innermost parts of yourself and possibly uncovering some of the things you don't really like about yourself but prefer concealing, instead of working on them. 

Another aspect to this is what you think or say about other people. Often this fear of what others might say about us is a reflection of what we think about others. If you are somebody who likes to gossip and mock others, it is not a surprise that you fear others might do the same to you. This could be the opportunity for you to rethink and relearn how to relate with others and how to think and speak about them.

What I have learnt is that one of the reasons we care is because it makes us feel good when we receive positive affirmations from others. It wraps us in the soothing blanket of reassurance that we are doing something right. That we are liked, even loved. At what cost though? Take this blog for example it took a lot to overcome the fear of "putting myself out there", to ignore the haters, the eye rollers, the mockers and the whisperers but I was faced with two options: Not to write and to keep in all the things I have to share with the world. Silence words that might inspire and help somebody, only to avoid the so-called naysayers. The other option was to do what I love, to block out the noise and to feel liberated. 

Do you know the exact day that will be your last? Well, neither do I. Then why not use this time to think about your opinion of you? Something else I discovered is that when you hold yourself in high regard, others will do the same. It doesn't mean that some people will not have something negative to say about you, but it means that where you have placed yourself no words, actions or negative sentiments could ever bring you down from. Your opinion about yourself is what matters the most.  Ephesians 2:10 (NLT) says: "For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."

Seasons change, environments change and people change but whom God has made you is unchangeable!

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