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The soulmate that stays

I recently read an article about the difference between a soulmate and a life partner.

The article was fascinating because most of us have been sold this over-romanticized idea of having to find a soulmate to be forever in love and happy with. But how many of us know the true definition of a soulmate? Therefore, I thought the definition provided in the article was very interesting. In essence, the article defined a soulmate as someone who is only in your life for a season for the sole purpose of making you better. When you finally have grown and gotten better they leave again. At this stage, you are ready for your life partner, who gets the best and improved version of yourself. The version that is confident, knows what he or she wants and has learned to fully accept him or herself with all the great and not so great stuff about them. That life partner is then here to stay, after all at this point you're already the better (maybe even best) version of yourself and therefore ready to settle down as well.

Interesting stuff, right? As I was reading the article some questions came to mind instantly:

  1. "Can you ever feel complete and consequently stop growing?" Personally, I think that is impossible, so even if people come into our lives to help us improve in a specific area, we're never really done. It is an ongoing journey. Life circumstances change, so you also have to keep adjusting and getting better. There are new lessons to learn all the time.

  2. "Can your soulmate and life partner be the same person?" Yes. The article also states that they can be the same person. Oh my, otherwise that would be terrible. Having a life partner that doesn't positively contribute to your development as a person would need to be re-evaluated. So, your life partner can and actually should be a positive contributor to your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

  3. "Must all soulmates leave?" Yes and No. If you only look at the natural course of life certainly our time here on earth is limited. But from the perspective of only having a temporary relationship with your soulmate, I do believe that aside from the life partner, soulmates could also be a constant in your life because as they make you better and you're probably making them better as well.

To sum it up, these definitions provided some food for thought but should not be so closely tied to the definitions or labels provided. Essentially you should always be positively contributing to other people's lives, just as others should to yours - it doesn't matter in which capacity. Be it as a family member, friend or life partner. "So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding." Romans 14:19 ESV

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