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The Things To Keep In Mind

A synonym for "to keep in mind" could be "to consider" or "to give consideration." That means you give something you have heard another thought and are processing the information in your mind. Which is great - it means your thought processes are working! But are you aware that there is some information that should be blocked out from the beginning without being processed at all? Proverbs 4:23 (NLT) says: "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." And to guard means not allowing everything in but being selective with the things you meditate on.

If your thoughts make you feel small, at some point, you'll truly feel small. For example, did you know there are millions of people out there who believe that they are currently in a dire situation that they'll never get out of? They have no idea that they have the ability to change the course of their life. Of course, sometimes circumstances could land you in a precarious situation, but your mindset is what can catapult you out of it. Several scientific experiments have been conducted on this subject matter, and the result has always been that the way you think is the answer. Imagine someone would lock you in a dark room with a heavy iron door and a window facing towards the sky. You are told that you have to stay locked in here for the next ten years and that you are surrounded by water with sharks swimming in it. If you even attempt to push the door open, you would either be taken up by the waves and drown or be attacked by a shark - at least that's what you're made to believe. In reality, there is no danger waiting on the other side. It is only a test. If you could summon the courage to open the door, you could walk through freely and without harm. What would you do? Stay locked in for the next ten years and wait for the time to pass by until you are finally set free? Or get up and try to push that door open?

Now, you might say that this is an extreme and unrealistic example, but are you aware that at this moment some people have convinced themselves that they are stuck in a situation they cannot get out of, so they simply stay? Trapped in a job they don't like. Living in circumstances that seem to be getting worse than better day by day. Stuck in a relationship that is not working for them. Let me go a bit deeper into the relationship part.

Some may assume that I'm referring to walking away, but relationships are complex, so they require more than just "if A happens than B is the consequence." Maybe the solution to an unhappy relationship is looking at yourself instead of only at the things that seem to make you miserable. Think about what you can change to improve the relationship and make things better. Walking away seems the less stressful solution but in reality, wherever you go, those unresolved things about yourself will follow, so why not start working on yourself now? You will discover that the situation will not only change positively, but YOU will change positively and you'll have a clearer understanding of the next steps to take.

The sad thing is that many people miss this part and fail to realize that they hold the key that will change the circumstances of their situation. On the contrary, they have convinced themselves that there is no positive change waiting on the other side. So, instead of being victors they become victims.

To sum it up, keep guard of your mind and heart, and the things you allow in. You will live what you think. Therefore, if you think thoughts that entrap and restrict, so will your life be. If you think positive thoughts of faith and success, your life will be a manifestation of that. Ever heard of someone getting arrested for thinking positive thoughts? Exactly! So, change your meditation to the right thoughts that will positively change your life.

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