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Waiting for that "Ha!- moment

At some point in life we all encounter that one person that pushes our buttons. A particular person that seems to be constantly teasing or even mocking us. That person that makes us feel scrutinized or even judged at all times. That unwanted adversary that appears to be in constant competition with us. Someone you want to - just have to prove yourself to. Prove that you made it, prove that you are better than them and that they should be the one to be made fun of. You've achieved so much more than they have and you are where you wanted to be and they could never get to. That moment of "Ha! I told you so. Look where I am and look where you are!" Even though you are so successful how come that person still succeeded to get under your skin?

Unfortunately, those "Ha!"-moments are very short-lived. You could bask in the feeling of accomplishment for a fleeting second but it would never last because it is built on the wrong things. Proving a point is generally never a good motive to do anything. Your reasoning behind pushing yourself to the next level of excellence to prove something to someone else will even ruin all the great things you should experience and learn on your way to success. The small victories and setbacks. The moments of great ideas and sober reflection. The phases of pure euphoria and lack of motivation. So, while you're building and striving for greatness don't seek the "ha!"-moment but the "well done"-moment. The moment when you can honestly pat yourself on the back and say to yourself that you've given it your best. Be rest assured, at that moment you will have several others patting you on your back as well. Which means the best way to prove a point is not having to in the first place. 

"When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom." Proverbs 11:2 TLV Genuine success doesn't need to be announced through a megaphone, people will automatically notice it. So, focus less on them and more on what you want to achieve and how it can positively impact others.

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