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You're not good at it? Move on.

We all have something we are very good at, other things we're mediocre in and then those specific areas where we are just not up to par. In others words, things we are bad in and don't have the talent for. Isn't that great news? I personally never had the desire to be good at everything. That's why there are experts and professionals in different fields to make up for the areas that other people don't have the expertise in. Our mere existence was not set up for everyone to do and be excellent in everything. In society, we all have specific roles and responsibilities and make our contribution in the areas that suit us. 

If you felt a pain in your body, would you pay a visit to a doctor or would you go to the restaurant down the street and ask the waiter to treat you? I guess the answer to that is pretty straightforward. There is no shame in not knowing something or not being good in a specific area that is just not for you. "We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach;" Romans 12:6‭-‬7 NIV

Embrace what you are good at and keep building and working on that. There is greater value in being the best in your field than not really being good at anything. When you are an expert in your field, nobody will point out the things you cannot do. Take professional athletes for example who participate in competitions and win medals. Who would ever say to Usain Bolt: "Oh, you might be the greatest sprinter of all time, holding both the 100 meters and 200 meters world record, but you don't know how to design a handbag. What a disappointment." Do you know why? Because it is completely irrelevant. He was and is an expert in his field. He worked on his craft and trained within that area of expertise. He focused on building on what he was good at and brought it to a level of excellence that has made history. Does that mean people will look down on him because he doesn't know how to perform open-heart surgery? Maybe. But that is not his field of expertise, so it doesn't matter. What matters is knowing what you are good at and mastering your craft.

Don't waste your time comparing yourself to others who have gifts that are different from yours. That will only lead to feeling insecure and miserable. Of course, that is not an excuse to refuse to branch out, learn new things and to get better in other areas as well, rather it is about your focus. Are you trying to be like somebody else and in the process neglecting the unique gifts you have, chasing somebody else's dream or your own? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is of utmost importance because it will make it easier for you to define your next steps and milestones. Now, this aspect of knowing your weakness does not equal putting up your feet and relaxing since you "cannot help it".

For example, if you know that keeping your house tidy is a struggle and a "weakness", the solution is definitely not just throwing your hands up and deciding to live in a "dump side" henceforth - you should still try to improve. You could put together a cleaning schedule for times that are fully dedicated to getting your environment tidy for example. You could get support from outside or you could research on tips and tricks on how to make being tidy easier. At the same time build on a strength related to your house chores. For example, if you know you're great at cooking, then keep brushing up on that until it is perfected.

To sum up the above, everyone's story has been written differently, so appreciate the things you've  naturally been blessed with and further harness them. It is up to you to be your greatest motivator or limitation. Don't let anything around you stop you from becoming the best version of yourself.

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