30. January 2020
When you search for dictionary definitions of grace you'll find: "elegance or refinement; courteous goodwill; quality of moving in a smooth, relaxed and attractive way" and many more. But there's something peculiar about grace that prompted me to go further and look at it from a different perspective - the word of God.

03. January 2020
Another year is here and it surely promises to be an exciting one. It is an iconic year, a year that marks the beginning of another century. For some this means anticipation, for others great expectations and others even anxiety or fear. What will you make of this year? Will 2020 be your best year yet?

09. December 2019
"Just be confident!", they say. As if confidence is something you conveniently take out of your bag anytime you need it - for example, if you feel uncomfortable in an interview setting or another potentially stressful situation. You simply tell your opposite: "Please hold on for a second; let me just reach for my confidence." It doesn't really work that way.

22. November 2019
There's something profound about giving thanks. It's like an outpouring, a celebration of goodness, a restoration of peace. It's the most beautiful way of expressing the acknowledgment and appreciation for someone or something. Some people give thanks daily, some only on special occasions, sadly others don't even know what to be thankful for.

23. September 2019
Sometimes it takes walking through the fire to appreciate the rain. Even though trials are hard, they are necessary. Just as fire refines iron, trials will refine and build you. Do you know those moments you feel anything but victorious? Those times you feel like you're failing all the way and wonder how you can get back on the winning track?

12. August 2019
There are moments where it feels like you're running and running but life still seems to outrun you. You run and think you're finally making progress, maybe even running in step with life and then you tell yourself: "Puh, let me just take a minute to breathe. Enjoy a moment of rest," and boom you seem miles behind once again.

01. May 2019
People make mistakes. It's inevitable, it's a part of life because we live in a broken world. Even if you would be super careful all your life, you won't be able to avoid some blunders or missteps because you can never have complete control over all the circumstances that led to that wrong decision or move. Also, there are things surrounding you that actually want you to fail, so you don't only have to be cautious but are in constant battle.

22. April 2019
"Is it really worth it?" How many times have you asked yourself that question? That question usually comes up when it involves doing something for or to some capacity involves another person. It basically tries to foresee what may happen. Even though we cannot predict the future, at least we want to have an idea of the possible scenarios. It is similar to making an investment. You don't know for sure what the outcome will be, but you hope that it will be in your favor...

10. April 2019
I recently read an article about the difference between a soulmate and a life partner. The article was fascinating because most of us have been sold this over-romanticized idea of having to find a soulmate to be forever in love and happy with. But how many of us know the true definition of a soulmate?

01. April 2019
I'm sure most of you can comfortably balance a plate in one and a cup in the other hand without any problems, but there are some things that simply require the use of both of our hands. For example, if you were to uproot a tree, no matter how small in size, you definitely would utilize both of your hands to get the job done. Why? Because you'll have more strength to do what would be nearly impossible with only one hand.

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