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12. August 2019
There are moments where it feels like you're running and running but life still seems to outrun you. You run and think you're finally making progress, maybe even running in step with life and then you tell yourself: "Puh, let me just take a minute to breathe. Enjoy a moment of rest," and boom you seem miles behind once again.

30. July 2018
"She's living her best life!", that was the caption I read on Instagram underneath a picture that was posted of Angela Bassett. The post was solely about how amazing she looked for her age and her sense of fashion and style, but this got me thinking about something else. There was something that caught my attention about "living your best life". Not really about living your best life on the outside but within yourself.

11. September 2017
Do you remember YOLO? You Only Live Once. The buzzword that was all over Social Media. People wrote it on their timelines, used it as hashtags, made videos about it and even wore t-shirts with the expression. YOLO was everywhere. Yet, was it clear to everyone what it really meant?

04. September 2017
The mind is often underestimated as the place where random thoughts are formed or where ideas just pop out of nowhere. Yet, apart from the brain, your mind is connected to everything that concerns you - your emotions, your heart and most importantly your actions and decisions. The way you think about people, situations and yourself determines the route your life will take.