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12. November 2018
Who doesn't know the hashtags that talk about goals? - #relationshipgoals #friendshipgoals #fitnessgoals, #hairgoals and the list goes on. But are we setting the right or enough goals in our own lives? Should we aim for relationship goals, for example, because we see a couple smiling into a camera and that automatically makes us assume they are doing great? Have we become that shallow?

22. January 2018
I believe that receiving recognition and being awarded for your work, something you have put time and effort in, is one of the greatest feelings there is. The awareness that someone has seen and appreciates your hard work, even though in some moments it may not have seemed like it. But this is not where it ends. Your awards don't mean "It is finished. I can relax now." On the contrary, recognition also comes with more expectations. It sets the bar even higher and that can be a good thing.