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17. December 2018
A colleague of mine is responsible for writing all the creative and promotional content at my company. So, one day I asked her about her creative process. How was she able to focus and create new and exciting content all the time? Her answer was: "Sometimes I lock myself away in a quiet room for some hours and write. Other times I just stay home, so I can write and be creative without any distractions - all by myself!" Didn't sound like a magic formula or an amazing new method.

30. October 2018
When was the last time you stopped someone and asked if they were happy? Not if they were doing good, but if they were really happy. Not outwardly, not momentarily, not according to what society labels as being happy and fulfilled, but deep within. What about yourself? Have you asked yourself that question lately? Are you happy? Take a moment to think before you answer.

22. October 2018
I recently read an inspiring post on Facebook about a lady who started succeeding in her business after she started leaving the "small fights for the small fighters." She stopped battling out little and unnecessary arguments with colleagues, in-laws and the other people she interacted with on a daily basis. Instead, she refocused her energy on her goals and dreams and eventually started seeing progress in the things she was passionate about.

07. September 2018
"I've failed!" Only a few people would admit that. Maybe out of fear or insecurity. Some might consider it a sign of weakness. In reality, it's not about admitting that you've failed but what comes afterward. So, if you're one of the few who is honest with themselves and uses their failure as an opportunity to do and be better - congratulations! If you find yourself thinking about the times you knew you messed up but didn't want to admit it - there's some good news for you:

31. August 2018
We all have areas we want to grow in. Either it is something we want to start doing or something we want to stop doing. As difficult as it may seem to find the motivation to start something, getting rid of a habit or a particular mindset can even be more difficult. The thing about progress is that it is usually slow and steady - at times so slow that it seems like we're not progressing at all.

30. July 2018
"She's living her best life!", that was the caption I read on Instagram underneath a picture that was posted of Angela Bassett. The post was solely about how amazing she looked for her age and her sense of fashion and style, but this got me thinking about something else. There was something that caught my attention about "living your best life". Not really about living your best life on the outside but within yourself.

09. July 2018
At some point in life we all encounter that one person that pushes our buttons. A particular person that seems to be constantly teasing or even mocking us. That person that makes us feel scrutinized or even judged at all times. That unwanted adversary that appears to be in constant competition with us. Someone you want to - just have to prove yourself to.

30. April 2018
Ever felt like everybody else was going out having fun and doing great things except you? As if you were stuck in one place while everything around you keeps moving. Everyone around you is smiling while you're sad. That does not sound familiar to you? Then congratulations, either you have mastered the art of keeping yourself so busy to not even entertain this kind of thoughts or you've finally understood that you're movement or standstill is not defined by what people may seem or not...

28. March 2018
Sometimes I wonder if there is anything in this world that is truly unique. "Find your niche!", they say, but even in that field that may make you unique, you'll still find another person doing exactly what you're doing. And that shouldn't intimidate or discourage you at all because even if that other person is doing exactly what you are doing, they will still be missing one thing and that is: You. Therefore, let yourself be that niche.

16. November 2017
Leading by example is probably one of the most challenging things you will work on your entire life. And the work continues. The reality is that we have become accustomed to holding others to very high standard without really looking at ourselves first. Quick to judge or jump to conclusions, we often want others to change so they can suit us better and fit into the picture we have created.

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