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30. January 2020
When you search for dictionary definitions of grace you'll find: "elegance or refinement; courteous goodwill; quality of moving in a smooth, relaxed and attractive way" and many more. But there's something peculiar about grace that prompted me to go further and look at it from a different perspective - the word of God.

22. November 2019
There's something profound about giving thanks. It's like an outpouring, a celebration of goodness, a restoration of peace. It's the most beautiful way of expressing the acknowledgment and appreciation for someone or something. Some people give thanks daily, some only on special occasions, sadly others don't even know what to be thankful for.

12. August 2018
"That is unfortunate." is something we must have heard on several occasions throughout our lives. Words that should express that we wish things would have turned out another way, but they did not. What if that wasn't unfortunate but the greatest thing ever? We tend to consider things being unfortunate when we envisioned them a certain way, but then they turned out another. Does that mean just because you never thought about that alternative scenario, that it is terrible?

24. July 2018
A few days ago, my husband and I traveled to the "city of love", Paris. And I was super-excited not for the sake of the destination but because of the occasion. And the occasion was not an anniversary or birthday, the occasion was simply: Remembering us! Let me explain...

08. May 2018
Naturally receiving always seems the more profitable than being in the position of the giver. Just imagine you're enjoying family Christmas and everyone is exchanging gifts. As you hand out one gift after another, you discover that you're the only that did not receive any Christmas gift at all - ouch! Not a great place to be in. Then it seems more profitable to put yourself in the position of being the recipient always instead of being the giver.

29. January 2018
When it gets dark, it becomes difficult to see. It takes a while before our eyes adjust to the darkness. Some researchers state that it can take up to 30 to 45 minutes for 80% dark adaptation and up to several hours until our eyes have fully adjusted to the darkness. Which means that we were naturally not built for constant exposure to or living in darkness. In fact, studies have shown that our eyes adapt to bright light much faster than they adapt to darkness.

22. November 2017
I love words, no doubt! I believe there is something magical about arranging words in a way that they form a sentence. Creating sentences that can trigger emotions from joy to sadness. Words can instantly impact and change the way you think, the way you perceive life. Words carry so much power that they could be the deciding factor if something succeeds or fails. Words are the essence of life. God created the world with words and has kept it moving with it.

18. September 2017
"The good, the bad and the ugly" is an expression we are all familiar with. It is used to describe a certain situation and all that comes with it. Have you ever wondered why two synonyms are used to describe the negative aspects and only one to describe the positive? Does that mean life is twice the negative than it is the positive?

15. September 2017
"I'm sick and tired of this and just want to quit!" We have all been there. That moment everything seems too overwhelming to keep going. The moment where running away and leaving everything behind seems to be the best, in fact the only logical option. Then why hang on? What good is it to continue? Don't we all talk about evolving and progressing? Thus, quitting could be the way of doing just that.

06. September 2017
The other day I was sitting in the park, taking in the beauty of nature and watching people pass by. Couples holding hands, children running around, cyclists swooshing by, others sitting quietly and reading. As I watched I wondered who these people were, where they come from, what their stories were and how their future looked like. Then I paused for a minute and thought to myself: "Thank you Lord, for making me who I am!" Now, does that sound cocky or self-absorbed? Maybe a little.