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03. January 2020
Another year is here and it surely promises to be an exciting one. It is an iconic year, a year that marks the beginning of another century. For some this means anticipation, for others great expectations and others even anxiety or fear. What will you make of this year? Will 2020 be your best year yet?

30. October 2018
When was the last time you stopped someone and asked if they were happy? Not if they were doing good, but if they were really happy. Not outwardly, not momentarily, not according to what society labels as being happy and fulfilled, but deep within. What about yourself? Have you asked yourself that question lately? Are you happy? Take a moment to think before you answer.

11. June 2018
Making decisions can be frightening. "Should I choose door 1, 2 or 3, should I go left or right, should I say yes or no?". And the scariest part about decisions is not even making one but dealing with the consequences. That is the aspect most people fear. What if after making a decision, you discover that it was not what you really wanted, in fact, what you want is with the opportunity you turned down - at least from the outside it appears so.

26. February 2018
The visionary, the fighter, those who lead demonstrations, spearhead petitions and always fight for other people's rights. They are role models, people we look up to and admire. And that is what the world needs: more people who are willing to go the extra mile for others. But there is another aspect to this.

19. February 2018
The moment you tell yourself "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid.." and then someone drops something behind you and you jump up in fear. That is the perfect example of attempting to talk yourself into changing your mindset but in reality, they are mere words floating on the surface that hasn't really sunk in. They are theoretical formulas or mantras to make yourself feel better temporarily, without taking roots within.

01. January 2018
The last fireworks have puffed up in smoke. Street sweepers are gathering the leftovers of empty champagne bottles, broken glass, and firecrackers. Like fleeting shadows, those who partied a bit too much are slowly making their way home with long and tired faces. Another new year's celebration has come and gone. We made it once again: it's a new year! Another year for change and new opportunities. What will this year be for you?

29. December 2017
"Relationships are complicated!" that has been the common headline used to explain why we have become a society that encourages moving on, rather than staying to make things work. A tagline that is now the convenient excuse to explain why a relationship didn't work out. Especially in direct conflict with that significant other, we exhibit just how good we have become in using that excuse.