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30. January 2020
When you search for dictionary definitions of grace you'll find: "elegance or refinement; courteous goodwill; quality of moving in a smooth, relaxed and attractive way" and many more. But there's something peculiar about grace that prompted me to go further and look at it from a different perspective - the word of God.

01. April 2019
I'm sure most of you can comfortably balance a plate in one and a cup in the other hand without any problems, but there are some things that simply require the use of both of our hands. For example, if you were to uproot a tree, no matter how small in size, you definitely would utilize both of your hands to get the job done. Why? Because you'll have more strength to do what would be nearly impossible with only one hand.

05. March 2018
You have clicked on the refresh button at least ten times. You put away your phone and then pick it up again after a few minutes. "Maybe there is a response or an update now? There were 5 minutes between then and now and still nothing?? They always say be patient, be patient... Now is the time to be patient, right?" You put away your phone, bite your fingernails, and try to distract yourself with other things. Then there is a buzz.

17. January 2018
The "what-if"-game and thinking of possible scenarios of what could have been, is one of my most hated exercises. There are not many things I consider a complete waste of time because I believe that there is a lesson in pretty much everything. However, playing through "what-if"-scenarios is one of those few things. What many fail to realize is that "what-ifs" create more questions without providing any answers.

07. January 2018
"Let go and let God!" Those are the soothing words often used to encourage. Words that should render comfort and peace. At the same time, these words have often been spoken so lightly without looking at the deeper meaning. How often have you gotten on your knees to pray and said: "Lord, I surrender all to you!" And then you get up and let your mind race around the same issue you just "surrendered". In essence, you haven't really "let go and let God."

27. October 2017
There is this superstition that if you tell people about your plans their negative energy might stop them from becoming a reality. Thus, the best strategy is: "if you have plans, keep them to yourself until they are finalized!". Perhaps there is some truth to this but my personal experience has been the exact opposite.