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05. December 2018
When something goes wrong, or there is a crisis, what is the initial reaction? Resolution? Conflict management? Is a meeting called to gather ideas for problem-solving? All of the above? Not really. Usually, the first reaction is to look for who is to blame for what went wrong. Not that it would make the problem go away, reduce the urgency of fixing it or help in resolving the issue. Most of the time it is the exact opposite.

31. August 2018
We all have areas we want to grow in. Either it is something we want to start doing or something we want to stop doing. As difficult as it may seem to find the motivation to start something, getting rid of a habit or a particular mindset can even be more difficult. The thing about progress is that it is usually slow and steady - at times so slow that it seems like we're not progressing at all.

18. September 2017
"The good, the bad and the ugly" is an expression we are all familiar with. It is used to describe a certain situation and all that comes with it. Have you ever wondered why two synonyms are used to describe the negative aspects and only one to describe the positive? Does that mean life is twice the negative than it is the positive?