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03. January 2019
Another year has come and gone. I don't know what you conquered, achieved or succeeded in last year, but I'm sure you also had some quiet moments when you didn't feel victorious at all. Moments you questioned yourself and wondered how things would end. The good news is, you're still here and not at the point of no return yet. Your story continues and can still be written the way you wanted to it to end.

24. April 2018
Instant success! You have an idea, roughly map out how you want that idea to come to life, make a few phone calls and "boom" you find yourself on the cover of Forbes magazine as one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs of our time. A walk in the park. A piece of cake. Easier than learning how to play a new instrument. Others have done it so why can't you, right? Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

12. January 2018
Recently I told a work colleague of mine that I had my own blog where I post content on a regular basis. Intrigued, she asked what I blogged about and I answered: "everything that has to do with positivity". Then she looked at me for a second and started laughing hysterically.

22. November 2017
I love words, no doubt! I believe there is something magical about arranging words in a way that they form a sentence. Creating sentences that can trigger emotions from joy to sadness. Words can instantly impact and change the way you think, the way you perceive life. Words carry so much power that they could be the deciding factor if something succeeds or fails. Words are the essence of life. God created the world with words and has kept it moving with it.