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14. January 2019
Breathing seems like one of the most trivial and basic things in life. Not something you need to learn or be conscious of but simply do. But like so many things, breathing is also something we need to learn or re-learn because we don't realize how often we "hold our breaths" in moments we should be breathing.

17. December 2018
A colleague of mine is responsible for writing all the creative and promotional content at my company. So, one day I asked her about her creative process. How was she able to focus and create new and exciting content all the time? Her answer was: "Sometimes I lock myself away in a quiet room for some hours and write. Other times I just stay home, so I can write and be creative without any distractions - all by myself!" Didn't sound like a magic formula or an amazing new method.

24. August 2018
Most of us know how it feels to be in a position of high expectations. If others have high hopes in you, based on a comparison to another person's achievements, it can be particularly intimidating and seem like that mountain that is impossible to climb. Why? Because you are expected to fill someone else's shoes. And that could pretty much affect any area of your life.

19. February 2018
The moment you tell yourself "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid.." and then someone drops something behind you and you jump up in fear. That is the perfect example of attempting to talk yourself into changing your mindset but in reality, they are mere words floating on the surface that hasn't really sunk in. They are theoretical formulas or mantras to make yourself feel better temporarily, without taking roots within.

25. October 2017
Positive people are often smiled upon. We all know them: the chipper happy colleague at work who has never had a bad day in her life; the over-enthusiastic shop assistant who seems to be everywhere you turn, to ask if you "need a hand" or the Mailman who delivers his letters and packages with a smile on his face, a swing in his step and a song on his lips. Silly, isn't it?

05. October 2017
One of the hardest things to unlearn in adulthood is probably wondering what people might think about us. But why do we even care about what people think about us?

18. September 2017
"The good, the bad and the ugly" is an expression we are all familiar with. It is used to describe a certain situation and all that comes with it. Have you ever wondered why two synonyms are used to describe the negative aspects and only one to describe the positive? Does that mean life is twice the negative than it is the positive?

04. September 2017
The mind is often underestimated as the place where random thoughts are formed or where ideas just pop out of nowhere. Yet, apart from the brain, your mind is connected to everything that concerns you - your emotions, your heart and most importantly your actions and decisions. The way you think about people, situations and yourself determines the route your life will take.