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03. January 2020
Another year is here and it surely promises to be an exciting one. It is an iconic year, a year that marks the beginning of another century. For some this means anticipation, for others great expectations and others even anxiety or fear. What will you make of this year? Will 2020 be your best year yet?

17. April 2018
As ironic as it may seem, I sometimes also need encouraging words and yearn to read something that will lift my spirits - Something uplifting. It could be a song, the words in a book or article, spoken words or just a thought. Moments like these can seem daunting and may take some people to dark places but there is actually an opportunity there. Those moments you may feel down are as real as it gets...

01. October 2017
Sundays are the days to rest. It is a day to recharge your batteries, reflect on the past week, rearrange yourself, make new plans and most importantly to prepare yourself for the week ahead. It is the perfect opportunity to give thanks and to count your blessings. To express your gratitude and focus on the things you actually have, opposed to the things you don't.