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05. December 2018
When something goes wrong, or there is a crisis, what is the initial reaction? Resolution? Conflict management? Is a meeting called to gather ideas for problem-solving? All of the above? Not really. Usually, the first reaction is to look for who is to blame for what went wrong. Not that it would make the problem go away, reduce the urgency of fixing it or help in resolving the issue. Most of the time it is the exact opposite.

30. October 2018
When was the last time you stopped someone and asked if they were happy? Not if they were doing good, but if they were really happy. Not outwardly, not momentarily, not according to what society labels as being happy and fulfilled, but deep within. What about yourself? Have you asked yourself that question lately? Are you happy? Take a moment to think before you answer.

22. October 2018
I recently read an inspiring post on Facebook about a lady who started succeeding in her business after she started leaving the "small fights for the small fighters." She stopped battling out little and unnecessary arguments with colleagues, in-laws and the other people she interacted with on a daily basis. Instead, she refocused her energy on her goals and dreams and eventually started seeing progress in the things she was passionate about.

21. September 2018
Forgiveness is a part of life. It's not optional; it's something we ought to do. The Bible says: "Bear with each other, and forgive each other. If someone does wrong to you, forgive that person because the Lord forgave you." Colossians 3:13 NCV

10. August 2018
“If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.” Many of us are familiar with this saying and interpret it in different ways. Some consider it a poisonous practice of internalizing negative things to avoid conflict instead of facing problems directly. Others consider it a way of diplomacy and focusing on the positive rather than just pointing out the negative.

05. March 2018
You have clicked on the refresh button at least ten times. You put away your phone and then pick it up again after a few minutes. "Maybe there is a response or an update now? There were 5 minutes between then and now and still nothing?? They always say be patient, be patient... Now is the time to be patient, right?" You put away your phone, bite your fingernails, and try to distract yourself with other things. Then there is a buzz.

02. February 2018
Mothers are the epitome of love and sacrifice and even more so the vessels of wisdom. They are the backbone of their homes and true symbols of strength. They are precious, priceless and would require uncountable poems and songs dedicated to them, to even come close to capturing how special they are. And my mother is not any different.

29. December 2017
"Relationships are complicated!" that has been the common headline used to explain why we have become a society that encourages moving on, rather than staying to make things work. A tagline that is now the convenient excuse to explain why a relationship didn't work out. Especially in direct conflict with that significant other, we exhibit just how good we have become in using that excuse.

08. November 2017
There is something fascinating about looking up the actual meaning of words to get a better understanding of the root and the context of why a specific term is used the way it is. A look into different dictionaries allowed me to discover a beautiful definition of happiness: "A state of well-being and contentment". Isn't that amazing? That explains humanity's constant pursuit of happiness. Who doesn't want to be in a constant state of contentment? That sounds like a great place to be in.