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12. November 2018
Who doesn't know the hashtags that talk about goals? - #relationshipgoals #friendshipgoals #fitnessgoals, #hairgoals and the list goes on. But are we setting the right or enough goals in our own lives? Should we aim for relationship goals, for example, because we see a couple smiling into a camera and that automatically makes us assume they are doing great? Have we become that shallow?

05. June 2018
We all understand the importance of having a goal and working towards something you want to achieve. However, what often seems to be forgotten is that it is equally important to be specific with the things we want. Take yourself for example, if someone would ask you what you want to achieve in 10 years, what would your answer be? To be rich, to be successful, to have found the cure to a disease? These goals are all good and logical but they are not specific.

30. October 2017
Unlike the title of this blog post may suggest, this is not yet another article on fitness or dieting. The SHAPE I'm referring to is more about your inner growth and development than your outward one.