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28. March 2018
Sometimes I wonder if there is anything in this world that is truly unique. "Find your niche!", they say, but even in that field that may make you unique, you'll still find another person doing exactly what you're doing. And that shouldn't intimidate or discourage you at all because even if that other person is doing exactly what you are doing, they will still be missing one thing and that is: You. Therefore, let yourself be that niche.

17. December 2017
When was the last time you took your time to read a label? Labels are meant to give us a better understanding of the things we can find on the inside: the content. Those things hidden beneath the things that are visible. But labels were also created to make life easier for us. To make a decision if we want a particular item or not. That means labels sum up the characteristics of something. Similar to what we do when we describe incidents or other people.

13. October 2017
When people talk about self-love it is often considered narcissistic or even selfish. But the root of your ability to love others or to being receptive of love starts from loving yourself.