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30. November 2018
When someone starts a sentence with "Let's be honest,.." what kind of words tend to follow? Something positive or uplifting? Inspiring and motivating? Not quite. "Let's be honest"-sentences usually end with something negative. But let's really be honest, why must it be so? Why do we tend to "be honest" about the negative things but when it comes to things that are praiseworthy, we often let them fall by the side or mutter them under our breath.

13. March 2018
"That is a person of integrity." This expression could be equated to receiving a badge of honor. A statement that commands respect and anybody addressed in this manner can be proud. Then how could integrity be defined? I would say it is a synonym for "staying true to oneself". Something that is one of the most important, and at the same time challenging tasks in this present day. Let's take a closer look at why.