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30. November 2018
When someone starts a sentence with "Let's be honest,.." what kind of words tend to follow? Something positive or uplifting? Inspiring and motivating? Not quite. "Let's be honest"-sentences usually end with something negative. But let's really be honest, why must it be so? Why do we tend to "be honest" about the negative things but when it comes to things that are praiseworthy, we often let them fall by the side or mutter them under our breath.

05. November 2018
...or created to bless! I believe both work hand in hand. People often overlook that we were called to create, to be productive and give our contribution to this world - beyond a 9 to 5 job. Some consider their profession their calling, and this may be true. I always refer to impacting people's lives because the "me"-zone is a very lonely and empty place. In fact, if everything only revolves around you, it will soon feel as if that space is not even big enough to contain you.

17. April 2018
As ironic as it may seem, I sometimes also need encouraging words and yearn to read something that will lift my spirits - Something uplifting. It could be a song, the words in a book or article, spoken words or just a thought. Moments like these can seem daunting and may take some people to dark places but there is actually an opportunity there. Those moments you may feel down are as real as it gets...

14. February 2018
This blog post is dedicated to the special love and bond between sisters: the sisterhood! In this case, I am not referring to the sisterhood that only applies to blood-related siblings, I mean the love and appreciation of women who have celebrated, laughed, grown and overcome together and have understood the importance of uplifting one another.