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23. September 2019
Sometimes it takes walking through the fire to appreciate the rain. Even though trials are hard, they are necessary. Just as fire refines iron, trials will refine and build you. Do you know those moments you feel anything but victorious? Those times you feel like you're failing all the way and wonder how you can get back on the winning track?

22. November 2018
Imagine you were being honored with a special award for your accomplishments. During the award ceremony, different people would be called on stage to say a few words about you. As you are sitting there in anticipation to hear what they have to say, would you be excited or worried? What would these people have to say about you? What a great person you are and how you inspired their lives? Or that they thought long and hard but just couldn't find any positive words to say about you?

14. September 2018
...even the small ones. Last week, there it was an email reminder from my website provider. It was time to renew my yearly subscription. Almost surreal, it had indeed been a year since I embarked on this blogging journey. Time had gone by so quickly, and for a moment I looked at the email and wondered if it was time just to let go and move on to other things.

07. September 2018
"I've failed!" Only a few people would admit that. Maybe out of fear or insecurity. Some might consider it a sign of weakness. In reality, it's not about admitting that you've failed but what comes afterward. So, if you're one of the few who is honest with themselves and uses their failure as an opportunity to do and be better - congratulations! If you find yourself thinking about the times you knew you messed up but didn't want to admit it - there's some good news for you:

19. March 2018
There are situations you may find yourself in that are bound to fail from the very beginning. No matter how hard you try or the different manners of approach, everything seems to be working against you. How did you find yourself there? Well, there is no easy answer to that. Very often the wrong choices we have made put us in a position of "I really don't know where to go from here".

02. December 2017
Being comfortable is soothing and provides a certain level of peace and calmness. This feeling of fitting right in and being in the right place at the right time. But that state of mind can also pose a danger. Getting too comfortable with your current situation will cloak you in a false sense of security when you should be alert. It will make you feel relaxed when you should be on your toes and on snooze-mode when your alarm should be going off.