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11. March 2019
For a long time in my career, I felt like a fraud. Like I was selling a dream of skill sets that I thought I had but in reality, didn’t possess. Yes, every time I landed a job I kept thriving and excelling. My work was being acknowledged and appreciated and even though I wondered why I knew that I had a special grace upon my life that always superseded the self-doubts. God was not only with me all the way but kept showing me things about myself that I didn’t even know I had.

22. October 2018
I recently read an inspiring post on Facebook about a lady who started succeeding in her business after she started leaving the "small fights for the small fighters." She stopped battling out little and unnecessary arguments with colleagues, in-laws and the other people she interacted with on a daily basis. Instead, she refocused her energy on her goals and dreams and eventually started seeing progress in the things she was passionate about.

10. April 2018
I do advocate for seeing failures as lessons because they truly are. But this shouldn't be mistaken for being oblivious to the areas you still need to work on. In fact, only a foolish person would not think about and weigh the things that led to not succeeding. There is so much value in self-reflection. That is the key to growth.