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30. November 2018
When someone starts a sentence with "Let's be honest,.." what kind of words tend to follow? Something positive or uplifting? Inspiring and motivating? Not quite. "Let's be honest"-sentences usually end with something negative. But let's really be honest, why must it be so? Why do we tend to "be honest" about the negative things but when it comes to things that are praiseworthy, we often let them fall by the side or mutter them under our breath.

10. August 2018
“If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.” Many of us are familiar with this saying and interpret it in different ways. Some consider it a poisonous practice of internalizing negative things to avoid conflict instead of facing problems directly. Others consider it a way of diplomacy and focusing on the positive rather than just pointing out the negative.

22. November 2017
I love words, no doubt! I believe there is something magical about arranging words in a way that they form a sentence. Creating sentences that can trigger emotions from joy to sadness. Words can instantly impact and change the way you think, the way you perceive life. Words carry so much power that they could be the deciding factor if something succeeds or fails. Words are the essence of life. God created the world with words and has kept it moving with it.

27. October 2017
There is this superstition that if you tell people about your plans their negative energy might stop them from becoming a reality. Thus, the best strategy is: "if you have plans, keep them to yourself until they are finalized!". Perhaps there is some truth to this but my personal experience has been the exact opposite.